SAYNOTOJUNK is a non-profit campaign protecting your time, your planet, your family and the security of your home by giving you a way to fight back against junk mail: a completely free anti-junk letterbox sticker … with an ingenious sting in it’s tail!

The sticker looks great and, because it is printed on clear, see-through plastic, matches any letterbox i.e. it looks as if the red and black words have been printed directly onto your letterbox.

To get your free letterbox sticker, simply enter your name, address and email into the form to the right.


Your Time: Junk mail wastes your time - sure, just a few minutes every day but it all adds up and is completely unnecessary.

Your Planet: The ink, paper, transport and finishing chemicals used to create junk mail is a massive burden upon the environment.

Your Family: Why expose your family to ads for unhealthy food, unnecessary products, tempting loans, gambling, propaganda and malicious scams?

Your Security: Junk mail piling up in letterboxes is the number one way in which burglars determine that home-owners are absent. Delivering junk mail is also the safest excuse for burglars to case your home.

Your Heat: Junk mail shoved into your letterbox can prop it open, allowing heat to escape your home and increasing your energy bills.


The SAYNOTOJUNK sticker does TWO things:

1. Communicates that you do not want any junk mail.

2. Warns that anyone ignoring your wish will, themselves, lose money and time.

Now, it is worth noting that during our six month experiment on over a dozen doors in Edinburgh, we only had only two instances in which the message was ignored and junk mail received, and they were both in the first few weeks, before our local junk mailers had fully understood the implications :)

In general, the leafletting guys see the sticker, probably don’t read the message but notice the mention of money and decide to simply move on the next door. So, the sticker itself kills junk dead and it is unlikely that you will ever have to carry out the threat but, if you do, this is how it all works:

The SAYNOTOJUNK sticker warns junk mailers that their junk will be mailed back to them WITHOUT STAMPS, costing them an Insufficient Postage fee of around £1.50 per item - the Royal Mail’s standard £1 processing fee and plus the missing postage at First Class rates.

The junk mailer first receives a standard Royal Mail notification card, informing him that there is an item awaiting him at the main depot. As far as he knows, it might be something important, such as a missed delivery. Only after he has wasted time driving down to the depot, waited in line, paid the Royal Mail fee and opened the envelope does realise that one of his own crappy leaflets has been turned against him.

For the cost of only an envelope and a few minutes, you get, after years of being annoyed but helpless in the face of the growing torrent of junk, the glorious feeling of having, at last, a way to fight back.

Again, it is unlikely that you will ever have to actually do this - the chances are that junk mail will soon be a distant, unpleasant memory, but it is good to know that you can swing into action if necessary!

Spread The Word

Please spread the word because, the more of us who SAYNOTOJUNK, the more businesses will reconsider this crude, intrusive and environmentally damaging form of marketing.

That is why the small SAYNOTOJUNK.COM Web address at the bottom of the sticker is important - it allows passersby and neighbours, who might be interested but too shy to ask you about it, to find out more and order their own - don’t be surprised if half the houses on your street end up following your lead and saying NO to junk too!

So, the best way to start spreading the idea in your neighbourhood is to go ahead and order your free sticker from the form at the side of this page .

If you have any thoughts, ideas or suggestions regarding the SAYNOTOJUNK campaign, please share your comment below.