We Have Compiled Some Information On How Much Junk Mail Is Wasted Every Year, From The Effects On The Environment And Land Fill Sites In The UK. You Will Receive Over 500 Items Of Household Junk Mail Per Year Through Your Letterbox. These Figures Have Been Increasing Over The Past Two Years. Most People Will Simply Bin It Or Recycle It. But They Don't Count It.

Count It For 1 Week, Multiply That By 52 Weeks, Incredibly I Tried This Last Month And Calculated 728 Items Per Year

What Is Household Junk Mail ?

I Would Define This As If It Has Entered Your Property Via Your Letterbox Or Was Left On Your Door Step For You To Pick Up. Not Forgetting All Those Supplements (JUNK) In Daily/Evening/Weekend Newspapers. (You Purchase The Newspaper Not The Advertisement They Shove In Them Anyway) Most News Papers Are Full Of Adverts These Days - Whats A Few More Lose Ones To Litter Our Street, As They Normally Fall Out The Paper.  

Types Of Household Junk Mail "

Posted Junk Mail By "The Royal Mail" - These Are Usually Promotional Materials / Literature From Major Blue Chip Companies Who Pay The Royal Mail To Deliver These Items Of JUNK Across The Country To Post Coded Areas, For Example : WA7 Would Be Every Home In The Runcorn, Cheshire Area. These Advertisement Leaflet / Flyers, Would Normally Be Linked To A Marketing Campaign In A Certain Area Or On A National Level. Example : Sky TV / Virgin Media Would Normally Do Such Campaigns Throughout The Year, Although I Notice An Increase About The Time The UK Premiere League Football Season Is Due To Start. They Are Canvassing For New Subscribers In Time For This New Footbal Season. Royal Mail Will Ignore Any No Junk Mail Sign You Have On Your Door Unless You Have Opted Out Of The Royal Mail's Door to Door Service.

Addressed "To The Occupier" - These Items Of Unwanted Junk Mail Are Sent By Once Again The Big Blue Chip Companies And More Commonly These Days National Charities, Fund Raising For Your Support By Monthly Donations To Their Charity. The Royal Mail Must Deliver Such Items To Your Home As They Are Contracted To Deliver Envelopes And Packages To Their Final Destination (Your Letterbox). Many Major Marketing Companies Pay Reduced Postage Rates For Bulk Postage On These Items And The Royal Mail Will Gladly Accept These Large Orders. It Is Quite Hard To Get Off These Lists But Writing Back To The Sender Can Often Have Your House Details Remove From Their Mailing List To Prevent Future Item Of Post From This Sender. (SEE OUR Contact The Sender Of The Junk Mail Item Directly PAGE)